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Roger Byrt

Scott Carruthers

Canadians for Children at Health Risk

Children charity event - silent art auction, a show case of paintings by Canadian and international artists.

Featured participating Canadian artist Viktor Mitic (oil painting shown on the front page, available for sale), is a Serbian born painter and sculptor living in Toronto. He is known for the use of firearms in creating his art, a skill he acquired during national service in his native Yugoslavia. One of his most notable works is Blasted Beaverbrook, commissioned by New Brunswick's provincial gallery for an exhibition in 2009.

Mitic's 2008 work Hole Jesus, a portrait of Jesus created by firing 22-calibre bullets at canvas was displayed at Toronto's Trias Gallery and attracted media coverage. Mitic told the Biggs Museum of American Art that he was inspired to create the work after an art dealer told him his work ought to be more 'penetrating'.

Mitic painted numerous portraits such as 36 portraits of Toronto's Art Dealers (exhibited at Odon Wagner Gallery) as well as Canadian premiers, Hon. Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper.

Featured international artists are Roger Byrt (Australia), Scott Carruthers (UK). More about their work can be found by clicking on images above.

Other participating Canadian artists are Joyce Fournier, Patrik Nunziata, Zorica Bogdanovic, Marko Katic, Elena Polyvyannaya, Dragica Gadjanski, Lazar Suboticki, Michael Close, Peter Chris and David Crighton.

Live entertainment - Ron Manfield.

This event will be held at Baka Gallery Cafe, 2256 Bloor St. West on November 28, 7PM - 10PM.