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Anne Barkley

Jacquelyn Heller

Anne Barkley and Jacquelyn Heller

Opening reception Thursday June 4, 2015, 6:30 to 8:30PM

Anne Barkley continues to develop her paintings by following her intuition through quests involving experimentation with materials and formats, and subjects ranging from figurative to landscape to fully abstract. The desired destination is a maturity of style with an apparent simplicity which hides an intriguing complexity. Barkley's enjoyment of the process, combined with the intensity of her work, add a dimension that brings the viewer along on the journey, engaged in an ongoing shared communication. Barkley exhibited her work throughout Canada, USA and Italy and received many awards.

Jacquelyn Heller, born in Cape Town, South Africa and educated in the arts from an early age, also studied the history and theory of art at the University of Cape Town. This is her first exhibition in Toronto.