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Tadeusz Biernot: Islands

Opening reception on November 15th from 2 to 4PM

In his new series of paintings Biernot plays with perception, challenging the imagination of the viewer. In the process of remaking of what is real, he forces the viewer to become conscious of how much imagination is needed to create something out of nothing; how much of reality could become illusion. The shapes on the paintings constantly become revealed and concealed to create a blur; an obscure border between reality and fantasy, between substance and dream. The dual nature of these paintings is reflected in the title of the exhibit - Islands are secluded places of our fantasy where we want to escape, places of our desires and longing, but by secluding ourselves - we too become islands.

... an old Simon and Garfunkel song about love, longings and solitude, ends with the words: ... an island never cries.