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Jordan Peterson - Private Collection

Impressions and Abstractions - Art in the Eastern Block

Opening on November 1st at 6:30 PM

University of Toronto professor of psychology, author and passionate art collector Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, now for the second time, showcases a selected series of paintings from his extensive private collection. This exhibition of impressionist, realist and modernist art in the Eastern Bloc, pre and post Soviet Empire provides a record of the 20th century rarely captured by similar means in the more experimental and avant-garde art of the west.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, who has appeared frequently on TVO shows such as Big Ideas and The Agenda with Steve Paikin states, “In their attempts to advertise the virtues of the collective state, the Soviet Empire kept the traditions of European impressionism and realism alive throughout the 20th century, when formal artistic training in the West was deteriorating. Thus, we have been left with a unique portrait of a deeply troubled utopia. Thoughtful portrayals of individual workers, completed in a grittier manner than that typical of artists such as Norman Rockwell, alternate with deeply politicized portraits and genre portrayals, serving an explicitly ideological purpose.”

The works presented, ranging in size from the large to the miniature, are selected to provide a sample of the formal talent expended in Soviet self-advertising (and the surprising range of its representation). The materials used are oil on canvas, watercolour on cardboard, gouache and mixed-media.