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Peter Adamson

Bret Culp

John Long

Mira Zdjelar

Photography and Digital Art

This exhibition is a presentation by four photographers each exploring a different theme.

Adamson’s recent work has focused on the interplay of line, shape, form and colour. While the subjects are secondary and the aesthetics primary, his motive is to pry the viewer away from winter and dream of summer.

Culp's poetic black and white photographs of Italy and Ireland reveal the beauty of impermanence.

Long’s life long passion for photography, both stereo 3D and mono is evident in his work. He is delighted to present this latest exhibition using medium format film with 3D images that possess a sharpness and depth that will captivate the viewer and at the same time his panoramic work exemplifies diversity in many ways.

Zdjelar’s presentation is a collection of urban fragments taken in silent protest against the reductionist spectacle of advertising billboards, hoping to open the doors towards a richer reality that lies beyond.