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Jane Burns

John Long

2010 Preview

This February's show will be our preview/introduction into 2010 season and the exhibition will present works by two artists:

Jane Burns is a Toronto based painter/printmaker who received her BA in Fine Arts Studio from University of Toronto. She exhibited her work in cities across Canada and the United States. Her work is in many permanent collections such as University of Toronto Art Center, Carleton University Art Gallery, Albright-Knox Collectors Gallery and many others. Her work deals with man's interaction with nature, technology and built environment.

In this exhibition sometimes oil and water mix. In Jane's latest Aves series works on canvas and on paper show the tension between earth bound and sky free. Birds break all the rules; boats carry precious cargo. The tension between freedom and disaster reflects the eternal struggle.


John Long, is also a Toronto based artist who attained his BA in Photography at Ryerson University. His panoramic photographs exemplify diversity in many ways. His landscapes are contemplative, serene, vast and tumultuous. African landscapes present us with mystery, while Canadian landscapes reveal grandeur and serenity. John's stereo photography is presented in a variety of formats creating a three-dimensional effect.