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John Long

Mira Zdjelar


Realities Retouched

The theme of Contact 2009, Still Revolution is resonated by Long and Zdjelar who push the practices of photography to advance technical innovation and achieve new heights of reality and simulacrum culminating in Realities Retouched. Long is one of the few artists pioneering large format panoramic photography - a medium that allows him to capture an overwhelmingly detailed manifestation of reality. Conversely, Zdjelar’s works are products of flux, and focus on transgressing reality to abstraction, as her original series of photograph negatives of Cuba were altered in a torrential downpour. This disaster had yielded unexpectedly startling results and veered her artistic practice to manipulating and mutating negatives in order to attain extraordinarily haunting effects. The works of Long and Zdjelar push the medium of photography and anticipate the complex, ever-evolving manifestations.

As part of the Contact Toronto Photography Festival, John Long is presenting a lecture on Panoramic Photography. He will discuss the techniques and processes in producing large format panoramic photographs as well as the aesthetic consideration and issues involved in the ‘one to three’ format. Through example of his work, John will also compare and contrast the two types of hyper-realistic formats he works in; large format panoramic and stereo 3D photography.