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Susan Donati

Lena Shugar

Inside the Light / The Exodus

As spectators, we stand at a distance from light and revel in the glory of it. But light is really all encompassing and we should feel we are inside of it and connected to all that falls within its sphere. Land, sky, people, each has a designated ray of light that stitches us all into the fabric of the universe. Donati’s works strive to enable us to find our place in the world, and experience a profound sense of belonging - not only to each other but to our community and surroundings.

The Exodus was a turning point in the mankind's transition from slavery to freedom, from polytheism to monotheism, from ancient values to modern ideals. Shugar captures this sentiment in her latest series of works which examine the iconic biblical event, of the giving of the law and the entry into the Promised land, in an attempt to inform our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.