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Peter Adamson

Anne Barkley

Jane Burns

Serafino Catallo

Laverne Chisan

Peter Colbert

Bret Culp

Ilya Gefter

David Goorevitch
Hagop Hagopian
Hagop Khoubesserian

Bonnie King

Tanya Kirouac

John Long

Janet Lowry

Jamie MacLean

Cher MacNeill

Dean Thiery Munroe

Margarida Neto

Lynn Owen

Lynda Pogue

Lena Shugar

Manuela Stefan

Kevin Sullivan

Marjolyn van der Hart

Rita Vindedzis

Micheal Zarowsky

Out of the Green
Summer Group Exhibition

Until August 16

This summer, a large selection of distinct contemporary works of art in photography, painting, sculpture and print-media will be on display. Participating artists are: Peter Adamson, Anne Barkley, Jane Burns, Serafino Catallo, Laverne Chisan, Peter Colbert, Bret Culp, Ilya Gefter, David Goorewitch, Hagop Hagopian, Hagop Khoubesserian, Bonnie King, Tanya Kirouac, John Long, Janet Lowry, Jamie MacLean, Cher MacNeill, Dean Thiery Munroe, Margarida Neto, Lynn Owen, Lynda Pogue, Lena Shugar, Manuela Stefan, Kevin Sullivan, Marjolyn van der Hart, Rita Vindedzis and Micheal Zarowsky.