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Margarida Neto

Figures on Stage

New works by Margarida Neto
June 5 - 21

Portuguese-born artist Margarida Neto brings to this exhibition in Toronto a captivating interpretation of contemporary dance. Titled “Figures on Stage”, the theme is an amalgamation of painting and dance. In this series of paintings, Neto, inspired by the work of choreographer Olga Roriz, holds onto moments and eternalizes them through trace and colour. They are “Registers of Memory”, and this for Neto is painting. These registers capture the meaning and feeling of the movement.

Technically, Neto uses subdued lighting and contrast to enhance the detail of the physical bodies. As a result of contemplation, reflection and delivery, “Figures on Stage” depicts moments frozen in time that paradoxically continue to be alive. It is up to the individual to contemplate and set them free.