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John Long

Peter Adamson

Svjetlana Ignjatovic

Allan Cedillo Lissner

One Year Younger
May 1 - 31, 2008

As part of the CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival, John Long's photo-based installation examines the aesthetics of stereo photography, exploring the visual space between traditional monographic photography and the three-dimensional world. By comparing the "realities" seen in stereo and mono photography, it becomes clear that in our collective contemporary experience, technology is the one that dictates our understanding of the "real".

Between Memory and History

May 1 - 31, 2008

The photographers participating in this exhibition all abandon sentimental representation of common imagery, yet each is able to capture a personal reflection upon the ever-changing world and passage of time. While Montreal-based photographer Svjetlana Ignjatovic explores the tension between collective history and personal memory through a series of environmental portraits, Peter Adamson of Toronto, observes the structures of the unmemorable and neglected amid the urban and post-modern. Freelance documentary photographer Allan Cedillo Lissner specializes in social justice and international development issues, exploring the hidden history of marginalized peoples and the lives of those who work to help them.