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Leonardo Gallery is pleased to announce the Toronto gallery premiere exhibition of Armenia’s renowned painter Hagop Hagopian. It is presented in conjunction with a selection of most recent work by the gallery’s highly regarded painter Ilya Gefter.

This exhibition highlights Hagopian’s work from his later periods, featuring his signature unpopulated landscapes, animate mannequins and still life. Gefter’s opus predominantly reveals geometric vocabulary found within architectural and landscape motifs, as well as in his “classical” portraits.  Difference and repetition, seen through refusal of idealization and the absence of popular, monolithic symbols of cultural identification is the canon that brings the work of these two artists together.

Lecture & Slide Presentation by Ilya Gefter: Thursday, September 20, 6-8 pm (Attendance by RSVP only:  info@leonardogalleries.com, or 416.924.7296 – Please reply by September 15) This event is free.


Outline of the Presentation:

  • Brief artist introduction
  • Review of periods, schools and artists who had a major influence on Gefter’s understanding of painting and on his work
  • Gefter’s development as a painter over the last 6 years
  • The principles and the aims of Gefter’s recent work

The lecture will be addressing:

  • The lure of the medium of painting and figuration
  • The continuity of the painting tradition
  • The main principles and unique values of representational painting
  • The meaning of the tradition of painting today

The following slides will be presented:

  • Ancient Egyptian Sculpture
  • Ancient Roman Sculpture
  • Fayum Portraits (1st- 3rd C AD, Egypt)
  • Ancient Roman Frescos
  • 15th Century Italian Frescos
  • 16th C Venetian Painting
  • J.B.S. Chardin
  • 19th Century plain-air painting
  • J.A.D. Ingres
  • Edgar Degas
  • 20th C Oil Painting
  • Edwin Dikinson
  • Giorgio Morandi
  • Gefter’s work from 2001 to 2007