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Roger Byrt, “My paintings are ongoing attempt to depict eternal things such as light, space and form..... I love painting objects that, to me, possess monumental and magical qualities.”.

Influenced by early Renaissance and late 16th century Italian paintings, Byrt evokes a sense of fantasy which invites a free flow of imagination. There is something musical about his works. Within their open shapes the ideas of density and energy apply. The curves derive from the famous moebius strip. They are carefully constructed shapes, which seem to obey some of the rules of nature. The juxtaposition of curves and natural elements guide the eye from the surrounding visual source to the idea of natureís grace and beauty in continuous flux. The physical and the metaphysical combine.

Roger Byrt was born in Melbourne, Australia where he obtained his Masters of Arts degree at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. From 1987 - 2001 he held the positions of lecturer and head of Painting Faculty of Art and Design at Monash University, Melbourne. Since 2001 he has been working full-time on his studio practice. He regularly exhibits his work in galleries in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and has recently moved to Winnipeg where he continues with his studio practice.


2010 Kenthurst Galleries, Sydney, Australia

2010 St Johnís Ravenscourt Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

2008 Victor Mace Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

2007 Axia Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia

2005 Axia Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia

2003 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Australia

He received many awards and his work can be found in many private and public collections.