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Peter was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He won a scholarship at the Ontario College of Art before embarking on a career as a graphic designer/illustrator in both Toronto and Vancouver.
After specializing in watercolour for some years, he moved on to acrylic and then oil. He’s been painting on ever larger canvasses in his career as a fine artist, yet sells many of his preliminary colour “sketches”, which he does prior to committing paint to canvas. Peter is becoming known for his landscape paintings, but also likes to incorporate studies of the figure and still lifes into his repertoire. He tries to make every painting a distinct and dynamic entity.

His work and limited prints can be found in galleries, private collections and corporations across North America. He is also available for commissioned work. At the Festival International Montréal en Arts, which ran from June 28th-July 2nd, Peter won the Prix Arts Visuel as chosen by the panel of 3 jurists from an assortment of over 150 fine artists from Quebec and Ontario.


My goal as a painter is to create arresting visuals by merging reality with the subconscious. I try to simplify what I see to its essence, leaving out the details which aren't that important to me. I use my palette knife and brush freely, to give my scenes a feeling of spontaneity and being in the moment, which are a big parts of life.