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Mariamarta Pacheco

A graduate of the University of Costa Rica in Collective Communication Sciences, and self-taught, Mariamarta has held and participated in ten solo and group exhibitions in over twenty-five fairs, cultural centers and galleries.

Her work has been selected eight times for publication in cards, by the Social Welfare Association of Escazú, Costa Rica. She was chosen to participate in the Cow Parade in San José, Costa Rica in 2008. In 2009, she was selected for the organization Casa Amarilla de Barcelona, Spain, and was selected to participate in MUJHEROES 2009, an exhibition celebrating heroic women, in Liberia, Costa Rica.

Mariamarta has worked in watercolor, chalk pastel, oil and acrylic. She currently works in acrylic on different media, including wood, glass, canvas and stone. She uses warm colors depicting the diverse range of nature of Costa Rica. Texture is achieved by using different materials treated in a particular way. Circular forms evoke man and the world we live in.

“No matter our nationality, we should all care for our planet. It is a call to the conscience of each one to reflect on this international problem.” – Mariamarta Pacheco