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Previous Exhibitions at Leonardo Gallery:

Shifting Season

Manuela Stefan is a European/Canadian artist whose professional photography career has begun in 2005.For a few years her work has revolved mainly around capturing people and lifestyle. She presently finds herself shifting towards what seems to trigger her inspiration to the highest extent: travel and fine art photography.

While on a self exploring journey and looking for new avenues of creative expression, Manuela has recently been exposed to the equine world. The experiences she has had with horses have opened a fresh, new chapter in her artistic life. Since, she has continued on searching for more opportunities of being around these majestic animals while trying to capture their sweet yet powerful nature through her lens.

Following a magical chain of occurrences Manuela has found out about the white horses of Camargue. Soon after she decided to visit this special place in the South of France where the Rhone river flows into the Mediterranean Sea.The images in this collection are meant to evoke the mystical beauty that surrounds the white beings.

2011       Loft Gallery, Clarksburg: Power and Grace
2010       The Italian Chamber of Commerce: The spirit of Sicily
2007/08       Leonardo Galleries, Toronto: Still Life in Red
                    Shifting Season, Group Exhibition
2007            CrÍpes ŗ GoGo, part of Nuit Blanche, Toronto
2006            EuropePress International web-photo contest
2005            Art Square Gallery, Toronto

2007            Editorís Choice Award
                    International Library of Photography
2006            Photo of the month for Hanging
                    EuropePress International web-photo contest

Community Involvement
Official photographer for the Me to We event organized by Free the Children (Craig & Mark Kielburger)

Product photography for the Art Square Gallery sign and brochure

Lifestyle photographs for the Yorkville starts at Yonge - YaY brochure

Professional Affiliations
International Library of Photography
Crestock, Norway: stock photography
Toronto Photography Meetup Group