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Fourth year OCAD student Katherine Verhoeven is soon to be featured in the forthcoming issue of Creative Quarterly magazine (a New York-based journal of art and design). Painting in a variety of mediums, Verhoeven strives to marry mystery and beauty and her depictions of people and objects stream with a haunting melancholy. Her previous shows include the MyOCAD retrospective, the Creative Arts show and WALLSPACE.


Automated Regrowth is the exploration made by three artists into the relationship between the human world and the natural world. In their works, Molly McCracken, Abraham Nelson and Katherine Verhoeven look at the good, bad, and the beautiful in structures, cities, manmade materials, and look for an optimistic alliance between our environment and our constructed lifestyles. With themes of fantasy and reality, the trio invites you to explore their worlds, and to contemplate a life outside of concrete expectations.