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Before the Wall Fell: Soviet Impressionism

University of Toronto professor of psychology, author and passionate art collector Dr. Jordan B. Peterson showcases a selected series of paintings from his extensive private collection. The art work provides a record of the 20th century rarely captured by similar means in the more experimental and avant-garde art of the west.

Featured Artists' Biographies

Suetin, Nikolai Mikhailovich: Born in Myatlevskaya, Kaluga province in 1897. Studied at Vitebsk Higher Art School 1918-1922. Active in Petrograd/Leningrad from 1922. Member of UNovIs from 1919, Painterly-Plastic-Realism, Leningrad, 1928. Important shows include Artists of the Russian Federation over Fifteen Years, Leningrad, 1923. Worked in Museum of Artistic Culture/ InKhuK/GInKhuK 1923-26; worked at Lomonosov porcelain factory, Leningrad, from 1923 (art director 1932-52); helped design Soviet pavilions international exhibitions in Paris 1937 and New York 1939. Best known as a ceramic artist. Also a graphic artist, art critic and art historian. Died 1954. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Redko, Kliment Nikolaevich: Born in Rakolupy (now in Poland) 1897. Studied in art studio of Pechserksaya Lavra, Kiev, 1910-1914 (and at F. I. Rerberg’s studio-school, Moscow, for one month 1913); at Drawing School of OPKh 1914-1918 (study interrupted by military service 1916-1917); at Kiev Academy of Arts 1918-1919; in State Artistic-Decorative Production Studios, Kiev, 1920; at Moscow Free Art Studios\VKhuTeMas 1920-1922. Active in Kiev 1918-1920; Moscow 1920-1927; Paris 1927-1936; Moscow thereafter (military service 1942-1945). Member of Elektro-organizm, Moscow, 1922; Projectionists from 1922. Important shows include “Discussion Exhibition,” Moscow, 1924. Chief artist of All-Union Agricultural Exhibition 1938-1940; worked in art club of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy after World War II. Celebrated young artist of 1920s. In 1921 wrote the electro-organism declaration. Developed aesthetic theory of svechinizm (from Russian word svet = light); basic principle of theory: “Light is the highest manifestation of matter.” Painted industrial subjects, genre paintings, series of northern landscapes, portraits 1920s, official works from mid-1930s (after return from France). Expelled from Moscow Artists’ Union for formalism, 1947. Died in Moscow 1956. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Vyalov, Konstantin Aleksandrovich: Born in Moscow, 1900. Studied at Stroganov Vollege 1914-1917: Moscow VKhuTeMan 1917-1925. Active in Moscow. Began exhibiting 1923. Member of OSr 1925-1931 (Founding Member): Izobrigada 1921-1932. Important shows include “Discussion Exhibition,” Moscow, 1924; “Anti-imperialist Exhibition,” Moscow, 1931; “Artists of the Russian Federation over Fifteen Years,” Leningrad, 1932; “Artists of the Russian Federation of Fifteen Years,” Moscow, 1933; “Fifteen Years of the Workers and Peasants Red Army,” Moscow, 1933; “Twenty Years of the Workers and Peasants Red Army,” Moscow, 1938: “Industry of Socialism,” Moscow, 1939; “All-Union Art Exhibition,” Moscow, 1951. Specialized in navy subjects. Also a theatre artist, poster artist. Died in Moscow, 1976.

Egorov, Boris Kuzmich: Born in Znamenka, Kherson province Ukraine 1925. Studied at Odessa Art College 1945-1950. Active in Zaporozhe, Ukraine. Began exhibiting in 1950. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Korzh, Vladimir D. (1923-2002): Studied at the Dnepropetrovsk Art College and the Kyiv Institute of Art. Vladimir Korzh has participated in All-Union and international exhibitions.

Khodchenko (Xotchenko, Khotchenko), Lev Pavlovich (1912 – 200X): Born in Shymanivka, Odessa Province, Ukraine, 1912. Studied at Kharkov Art Institute 1930-34; Kiev Art Institute 1934-39. Active in Kiev, Ukraine. Important shows include “All-Union Art Exhibition,” Moscow, 1950. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Gorbenko, Aleksei Arkihpovich (1919-19XX): Born in Rzhishchevo, Kiev province, Ukraine, 1919. Studied at Kiev Art Institute 1938-1950. Active in Kiev, Ukraine. Began exhibiting 1943. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Hudiakov, Boris (1922 - 200X): Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Arts and Crafts in 1947. Member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1970. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Deryazhny, Fedor Ivanovich (1914-197X): Born in Novye Sanctuary, Sanzhary, Poltava province (Ukraine). 1914. Studied at Kiev Art Institute 1937-1947 (46?). Active in Kiev, Ukraine. Began exhibiting 1947. Taught at Kiev College of Applied Art 1940-50. Also a tapestry artist. Died 1970s. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Nesterenko, Nikolai (Nikolay) Vasilevich (Vasilievich): Born in Lugansk region, Ukraine, 1926. Studied at Kiev Art Institute until 1956. Active in Cherkassy, Ukraine. Also a poster artist. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Mikhailov, Konstantin: Studied at Lugansk (Voroshilovgrad) Art College. Student of O. Filbert and M. Volshtein. Active in Lugansk. Specialized in landscapes. Participant in Republican, All-Union, International and foreign exhibitions. His paintings hang in many museums and in private collections. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Pirogov, Victor: Born in 1923 in Baku, Azerbaijan. From 1941-45 he took part in the military actions of World War II. In 1947 he began studying at the Baku Aziz-Zade Art School. From 1951-57 he was a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1957-59 the artist was active in Kiev and from 1959 until his death in 1993 in Vinnitsa (big Ukrainian regional centre). In 1967 Pirogov joined the Artists’ Union of the USSR. He took part in countless Ukrainian and all-union annual exhibitions. Works by Pirogov are displayed in the museums of Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and in many private collections abroad. He died in Vinnitsa in 1993. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Bednoshei, Daniil Panteleevich (1924-19XX): Born in Boshi Dmitrovichi, Kiev pr., Ukraine, 1924. Studied at Kiev Art Institute, 1947-1953. Active in Kiev. Began exhibiting in 1951. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Solodovnikov, Aleksei (Alexei) Pavlovich: Born in Tokarevo. Yaroslov region, 1928. Studied at Yaroslavl Art College 1943-1948. At the Kiev Art Institute from 1948. Active in Kiev, Ukraine. Dictionary, Bown, M.C.

Fuertes, Jesus (1938 – June 18, 2006) was a cubist painter. He was exposed to great artists at an early age because of his father, a poet. Such artists include: Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia Lorca, Andre Breton, Rafael Alberti, Giorgio Chirico and later meeting Pablo Picasso in France. Salvador Dali introduced Fuertes to Andre Breton. His work was displayed in museums across the world. His first shows were in Berlin and New York, and he established a studio in Miami, Florida in 1979.