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Through the medium of clay, Janet gives shape and texture to the forms and structures around her. She is inspired by the energy and rhythm of the city, and the endless interplay of nature and humans. She seeks to give life to these impressions by injecting her sculptures with emotion.

Janet enjoys the feel of the clay, and her ability to create with bare hands as the primary tool. Clay is resilient and malleable, making it an ideally expressive medium.


This exhibition of paintings, photography and sculpture is a celebration of the beauty and vulnerability of our natural world, by visiting Costa Rican artists Florencia Madrigal, Sebastian Mello, Elisa Morera, Mariamarta Pacheco, Renán Calvo Chaves, Canadian/ Costa Rican artist Francisco Castro Lostalo and Canadian/Italian artist Janet Candido. The exhibition complements a demonstration of sculpture and painting by the same artists at First Canadian Place Park. Both events are focusing on the preservation of natural resources by recycling marble panels from the façade of First Canadian Place as raw material for their art.