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Jane Burns was born in 1949 in Owen Sound, Ontario. She is a painter/printmaker who now lives and works in Toronto and Owen Sound. Jane completed a fine arts studio degree at University of Toronto. For over twenty years, she has exhibited her works in cities across Canada and the United States.

Beginning with paintings in watercolour completed outdoors on the Bruce Peninsula, she now paints powerful oil canvasses which exhibit her full maturity as an artist. She easily moves from the figurative to the abstract. A colleague, Hugh Mackenzie says of the work, " I love the physicality in the current work. There are areas of colour of such density they almost suck the viewer into the depth and these are juxtaposed with passages whisper thin and lyrical in impact."

Art Critic, Gary M. Dault observes, "an impressionistic authority and painterly joie de vivre".

Jane's work is in many permanent collections such as University of Toronto Art Center, Carleton University Art Gallery, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation, Albright-Knox Collectors Gallery as well as corporate collections including Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising Inc.


I find my voice with absolute commitment; painting, printing, drawing, gouging/carving, editing and looking again. Extensive sketching on the Bruce Peninsula is the spring board for my understanding of the bones, struts and architecture in the land. Some paintings are conceived from real situations and others are pure imagination. Powerful images brew in my subconscious mind for lengths of time and then explode onto paper. I look for the ironic in the modern world. In this series, I am interested in the power of nature. Planes are caught in a sudden snow storm in "airport confidential". The best layered plans of mice and men run amuck.

My work deals with man's interaction with nature, technology and the built environment. Man's influence on nature becomes nature too. Life is an expression of the co-operation and strife that results. "You can expel nature with a pitch fork yet she will return through another window." -Homer



1991        Bachelor of Arts Degree (Fine Arts Studio), University of Toronto
1970        York University, Year One
1986        Ontario College of Art and Design
1986        Toronto School of Art


2008        Leonardo Gallery, Toronto
2006        Leonardo Gallery, Toronto
2004        Prince Arthur Fine Arts, Toronto
2003        Sunbury Gallery, New Brunswick
2001        Prince Arthur Fine Arts, Toronto
2000        Gallery 7, Toronto
1999        Gallery 7, Toronto
1997        Illuminary Art Gallery, Toronto
1993        Gallery Rochon, Toronto (2 person)
1990        Gallery House Sol, Georgetown
1988        Gallery House Sol, Georgetown
1987        Kensington Place Gallery, Toronto
1986        Here and Now, Toronto


2008        Leonardo Gallery, Gallery Artists, Toronto
2008        Washi Summit, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia
2008        A.I.R. Gallery, New York
2008        Albright-Knox Museum, Buffalo
2007        Leonardo Gallery, Gallery Artists, Toronto
2007        Open Studio, Toronto
2006        Albright-Knox Museum , Buffalo
2005        A.I.R Gallery, New York City
2005        Turquoise Gallery, Toronto
2004        MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie
2003        Prince Arthur Fine Arts, Toronto
2002        Prince Arthur Fine Arts, Toronto
2000        International Miniature Show, Toronto
                Art Auction for Pouch Cove Foundation, Toronto
1999        Gallery 7, Toronto (Spring, Summer)
                River Gallery, New York
1998        Carthew Thompson Gallery, Los Angeles
1996        Eco-bitions, Deleon White Gallery, Toronto
1994        Reif Gallery of Contemporary Canadian Art, Niagara on the Lake
1993        Gallery House Sol, Georgetown
1991        Art for Preservation, Market Gallery, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal,


University of Toronto Art Centre
University of Toronto Art Collection
Carleton University Art Gallery Collection
Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising Inc.
Gallery Lambton Permanent Collection
Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto


Avenue Road Arts School
Harbourfront School by the Water
Royal Ontario Museum (R.O.M) – printmaking (on-going)
Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery
Toronto Board of Education
University of Toronto (Arts Week Demo)


Pouch Cove Foundation
Newfoundland Old growth forest camp for Earthroots