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Artist Statement

I have been taking pictures off and on for over 40 years, but I really started a passion after spending time living and working in Madagascar.

How a land can still exist, so unique and full of complexity, so simple and deep and so totally untouched, is what drives me to take these pictures.

I am an engineer and an industrial photographer, but nothing in my past has prepared me for the gift that is Madagascar. I continue to explore there and the pictures are the best I can do to catalogue and re-live the experience.

The pictures come from the east near the Indian Ocean, from coastal towns and cities where the rivers run from inland to meet the sea. They come from the western coast of the great island where ocean corral finds itself uplifted to form pillars of limestone that are forests in themselves and so incomparable that they are protected on an island where practically nothing is protected. The pictures come from inland villages where subsistence farmers have a way of life now threatened as much by lack of development as by significant exposure to globalism. And most of all, they come from the light of Madagascar, an island, unconnected and rare.