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Originally from California , C.S. Jonas arrived in Canada after living in Greece and England . Intensely interested in patterns and shapes that exhibit impressive, cross-cultural lineage, she takes particular pleasure in the reoccurring use of historical pattern in late 19th and early 20th century art. A dedicated student of the arcane esoterica of the Victorian demi-monde, she has recently discovered that painting under glass (a thoroughly 19th century occupation) provides a rich counterpoint of colour to her usual means of expression--pencil on vellum. She finds that the diffusion of light that takes place when viewing a painting from "the wrong side", as it were, enables the use of unorthodox colour combinations---precisely because the viewer is at once-remove from the painted surface.

C.S. Jonas has works in private collections in Canada , the United States , and the United Kingdom . She currently lives in Toronto .


I am interested in patterns that exhibit historical and cross cultural lineages." She cites influences such as Secessionist Vienna, the lingering twilight of Byzantium , and orientalist London during the 1880s. "I look upon pattern and design as a rich language with which to fashion expressive and diversely detailed pieces of glass art.

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Ancient Technique Reinterpreted :

Verre églomisé, or Reverse, hand-painted glass

Painting-under-glass, reverse-painted glass, verre eglomise, potichomania: all refer to the technique of working with paint, metal leaf, acids and collage opposite the viewing or right side of a piece of glass-whether it be a vase, platter, table top or wall panel. Potirimeans glass in Greek; the French term verre eglomise was coined from the name of a prominent art collector, J.B. Glomy, who died in 1786…but the method it refers to has been practiced for at least two thousand years, perhaps since the discovery of glass itself. Each piece begins as a clear glass shape. Up to a dozen applied layers of gold leaf, metallic powders, paint, collage, chemical washes and varnishes culminate in the finish seen from the right side of the glass. Glass both diffuses and magnifies; hence, colours and metallics appear rich, with a saturate luminosity.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2004 Merely Decorative: Works on Paper and Glass , Mittica Gallery , Toronto , Ontario

2003 Tender Artifice , Classic Time , Toronto , Ontario

1992 Solo Show , McLaren-Barnes Gallery -Adjunct Space, Oakville , Ontario

Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 Group Display -Canadian Glass Artists , Studio Café - Four Seasons Hotel , Toronto , Ontario

2005 Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser, Canadian Broadcasting Centre , Toronto , Ontario

Infinite Visions , Moshe Hammer Fine Art, Toronto , Ontario

Infinite Visions , DeLeon White Gallery , Toronto , Ontario

Mastercraft , Gump's , San Francisco , California

Designweek , Bausman's , Los Angeles , California

2004 Fundraiser Auction, The Children's Movement for Creative Education, New York , NY

The Last Picture Show, The Saxe Gallery , Toronto , Ontario

Group Show, The National Ballet of Canada , Toronto , Ontario

2003 Group Show, The Saxe Gallery , Toronto , Ontario

2002 Toronto and Parkdale Horticultural Society Spring Garden Tour and Art

Exhibition , Toronto , Ontario

1997 Group Show, National Ballet of Canada , Toronto , Ontario

1994 Group Show, National Ballet of Canada , Toronto , Ontario

1993 Group Show, National Ballet of Canada , Toronto , Ontario

1992 Group Show, Aviva Art Show , Toronto , Ontario

1988 Sno'Show , Gallery Idee , Toronto , Ontario

1987 Sno'Show , Gallery Idee , Toronto , Ontario

1986 Sno'Show , Gallery Idee , Toronto , Ontario

1985 Sno'Show , Gallery Idee , Toronto , Ontario

1984 Group Show, Saxe Gallery , Toronto , Ontario

1983 Group Show, Saxe Gallery , Toronto , Ontario

1982 Group Show, Saxe Gallery , Toronto , Ontario