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Having exhibited great promise as a young artist, Bisa Bennett continued to develop her craft through her teens and adulthood. Her paintings, now rooted in her life experiences and stemming from various influences, are ripe with mature sensibilities. The intensity and strength infused in Bennett’s work creates remarkable depth. Her compelling use of contrast and fascination with light make her work captivating, and pieces such as Fertility and Forbidden Apple, both saturated in rich, deep colors, gradually envelop the viewer. "My signature colour is red. It is the colour of love, hope, temptation, and the colour of passion," says Bennett. While Bennett communicates effectively through colour, viewers will find that even in her pieces that make use of more muted palettes, her subjects reach beyond the canvas to provoke a profound connection. Bisa Bennett received her formal training in Belgrade and Toronto, where she now resides. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Canada and America.


2011 Leonardo Galleries, Toronto
2009 Leonardo Galleries, Toronto
2008 Leonardo Galleries, Toronto
2008 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York
2007 Agora Gallery, New York
2005 ECC Art Gallery, Toronto
2004 International Manhattan Gallery, New York
2001 104 Gallery, Toronto
1998 Canada Opera House, Toronto
1997 Dell Belo, Toronto
1996 Prima Gallery, Toronto
1994 Gardosh Gallery, Zemun
1992 Sebastian Gallery, Belgrade