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Anne Barkley is an abstract painter based in Eastern Ontario. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists; she has recently exhibited in Ottawa, Toronto, New York and Florence, Italy. Through her work, Barkley endeavours to connect, to communicate, to capture something of the spirit of people and their environments. The viewer is invited to step into a world of simple but strong abstract shapes and beautiful colours, and to respond by finding a personal meaning, which can connect us to a shared humanity.

Many of her intuitive paintings imply a path or road taken, perhaps reminding us of decisions made along the way, or of situations encountered. Some of the works contain an abstracted figure integrated into the background. Serenity, emotion, strength, passion, harmony, and freedom guide her as she shares her vision.

“A painting is not about experience. It is an experience." Mark Rothko 1903-1970

For me the pleasure and satisfaction of painting is first and always in making the art, the physical and emotional intensity required to get to that place where thought stops and intuition can have free rein. I know that the viewer's participation in my work is vital, and that the only way for art as communication to take place is when both artist and viewer allow the medium between them to act as a bridge. At present my interest is in finding freedom and complexity in simple shapes and beautiful colours that will engage and challenge the viewer’s imagination, and in dancing in the drama of balance and tension. My tools are serenity, emotion, strength, determination, passion, harmony, freedom, paint, colour, design, shape, pattern, line, texture, value, edges and space, repetition with variety, movement and rhythm.


2010 - 11 Toronto Artist Project.
2009 Agora Gallery; Beyond Borders, Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada, New York, NY, USA
2009 Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Firenze Fortezza Da Basso, Italy
2006 - 12 Leonardo Galleries, Toronto
2004 - 09 Art Expo, Toronto
2007 - 09 Gallery Artists Leonardo Gallery
2005 St. Lawrence College Alumni Association
2000 - 05 South Dundas Artists Guild
2005 Brockville Artists Studio
2004 Ottawa Art Association
2000 - 04 Thousand Islands Fine Art Association
2002 Brave Art

2001 - 06 Cornwall Regional Art Gallery (Honourable Mention and 2nd Prize)
2004 - 06 Ottawa Mixed Media Association (Two Awards of Excellence)
2004 - 06 Ottawa Art Festival
2004 - 06 Inside Art Show, Toronto
2002, 2004, 2005 Elmwood Home and Art Show
2004 North Country Regional Juried Art Show, Potsdam
2001 - 04 Ottawa Water Colour Society (3 Juror’s Awards)

2009 Metamorphosis (2 person exhibition) Leonardo Gallery
2006 Transcendent (2 person exhibition) Leonardo Gallery
2006 Creativity (2 person exhibition) Shutter & Brush Gallery, Port Stanley
2005 Four from Here to There (4 person) Merrickville Old Town Hall Gallery
2003 - 05 GalleriArt, the Ottawa Artists Cooperative
2003 Dichotomy (two-person exhibition) Cornwall Regional Art Gallery