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Miro and the Modern Masters: Works on Paper

Derived from a Toronto-based collector, this exhibition showcases the work of Joan Miro, and contemporary mid-century modern masters Picasso, Braque and Chagall.

Exhibition background:

Showcasing one of the largest displays of Miro's lithographs, screen-prints and carborundums ever seen in Toronto, this exhibition chronicles the evolution of Miro's work in the post war period, until his death in 1983.

Featured Artists' Biographies:

Joan Miro was born in 1893 as the son of a goldsmith and jewellery maker in Barcelona in Northern Spain. He studied art at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts and at the Academia Gali, but as a teenager worked as an accountant for nearly two years until he had a nervous breakdown. In the beginning of his artistic career he dabbled in different painting styles that were fashionable at the turn of the century. He had his first solo show in 1918 at the Dalmau Gallery, where his work was ridiculed and defaced. In 1920 Miro made the first of a series of trips to Paris. In 1921 he settled permanently in the French capital, and from 1924 on, Miro joined the circle of the Surrealist theorist Andre Breton. By 1930 the artist had developed his own style (surrealist pictorialism) and in the 1930s the artist's fame and recognition became international. From 1940 to 1948 he was back in Spain, although in 1947, Miro came to the North America for the first time. He had several own-man shows. The most important being retrospectives at The Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1951 and in 1959.