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Albert de Vos states, “I use my pencil drawings to establish the composition, shadows and highlights, but I consider them art works in their own right. My paintings consist of oil-monochrome under-paintings similar to old sepia photographs. My attention is first focused on composition, then tonality and finally, entirely on colour; it is my most efficient way of portraying a non-existent situation as real.”.

The formerly full-time, now occasional CBC senior scenic artist de Vos likes strange and bizarre things that come from his imagination or his surroundings, and his new “Playscapes” collection includes a fairy-tale element and a fantastic realism with a dash of symbolism. The themes often are a dress-rehearsal for a play in progress and the characters hope that the real performance will be a resounding success.

Albert de Vos was born and educated in The Netherlands and he moved to Canada in 1974, where he studied at the Ontario College of Art in composition, egg-tempera painting and mural painting. He worked as a senior scenic artist at CBC in Toronto from 1987 until 2007.


Leonardo Galleries, Annual Winter and Summer Shows, 2010 - 2013

Leonardo Galleries, Solo Show, 2010

Leonardo Galleries, Solo Show, 2001

Albert's work can be found in private collections in Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and U.S.A.